Welcome to Dr. Flexner’s Suitcase, a trove of science insights and analysis from the The Journal of Experimental Medicine.  Before we get to science, we should explain the suitcase…

The Suitcase

Back in 1896, the JEM was founded by William Welch at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Welch edited the journal by himself in those days, even editing manuscripts while attending baseball games. By 1902, the editorial burden became so great that Welch stopped publishing papers and began stockpiling manuscripts in his office. He appealed to the board of The Rockefeller Institute (Welch was president of the Board of Scientific Directors), who agreed to take over the journal.

With the transfer of ownership, the manuscripts needed to be moved from Welch’s office. That task fell to the director of The Rockefeller Institute, Simon Flexner, who carried the manuscripts from Baltimore to New York in a suitcase.

The story speaks to the lengths that Dr. Flexner was willing to go (literally) to advance the scientific record. JEM honors that commitment and looks forward to crossing new boundaries to bring you unusual perspectives in the field.

The Journal

For more than 100 years, the JEM has been one of the most respected journals of its kind, providing an important forum for advances in immunology, vascular biology, neurobiology, stem cells, cancer biology, and other research areas. The journal is published on a not-for-profit basis by The Rockefeller University Press.

The Logo

The image of Dr. Flexner was created by artist Madalena Parreira.

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